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Web Development in Cuba

KreotuWeb provides strategy development in Cuba and the world marked by three aspects or stages: web design, web programming if required and optimization for search engines (SEO). In the first aspect our team performs work table taking into account the needs and requests of the customer, after the design stage materializes taking it to the web, once completed and satisfied customer is passed to step programming web where determine the features with which it will enforce the web site, it is at this time that the depth and programming needs are defined, on the other hand by the amount of content to handle on the website select whether to wear or not manager database. And being a developed, functional and pleasing web it is published under a domain and begins with the third stage of optimization, keywords are defined to work with them throughout the web content to the major search engines is indexed moreover it is added to the most important social networks to gaining traffic and finally managed high-level links pointing to the website developed.

Web Development Services

Unlike other developers or web designers us , we propose the use of pre- developed templates for the design of your website, based on templates are develop and optimized for use on the internet ensuring a pleasant image and resources and code optimization. Moreover this helps us give customers a fast and efficient service. The web design we propose will adapt exclusively to your website and needs enhancing corporate image and corporate identity.
We use the advanced techniques of web design as HTML5 standards, CCS3 and designing an adaptive website using Bootstrap, while ensuring that your website will have a unique image in internet.

Web Development
in Cuba

Web development. and personalization your business, organization or company’s website. Our web development offer gives customers a customizable and unique website where from the Web site home page has links to other sections, as may be Portfolio, Products, About Us ?, Contact, Gallery and e-commerce. All these details Website are previously agreed with our customer according to their needs.The development that we propose is based on the latest global trends of development for the web, static web pages with only descriptive information, dynamic pages programmed in PHP with managing MySQL databases.
On the other hand if the customer prefers to develop your website using Content Management System (CMS) giving the possibility to manage the content in easy way, we can develop your website in any of these applications (Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal ), fully exploiting its full potential. In the development process we use techniques SEO positioning search engines.

In addition to the Web development we offer hosting service for really cheap rates. We use to support this one of the best web hosting control panels "Sentora", to setting up your hosting and domain.
We also offer webmaster service for those interested in having qualified staff to manage your website.

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